The INF was founded in June 2000 at the Council Meeting of the International Society of Neuroendocrinology (ISN) in Toronto (at the time, Dionysia Theodosis was President, and Sergio Ojeda was Secretary/Treasurer of ISN).  At that meeting, the ISN was dissolved, and the International Neuroendocrine Federation (INF) formed, with Dionysia Theodosis (Acting President), John A Russell (Acting Secretary) and Tony M Plant (Acting Treasurer) as the Acting Officers.

At the INF Council Meeting held at the 5th International Congress of Neuroendocrinology (ICN, Bristol 2002) the following were elected:  John Russell (President); Tony Plant (Secretary General); Tony Plant (Treasurer, pro tem); Greti Aguilera was elected Treasurer in 2003.

June  2007: Inaugural Meeting of Strategic Action Committee Toronto.  Chair, John A Russell.

Sept 6, 2007: INF incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Bylaws adopted, and US Tax Exempt Status granted. Officers were restored to President (Tony M Plant), Treasurer (Mitsuhiro Kawata) and Secretary General (William Rostene).

Presidential Messages

Dr. Vincent Prevot, 2020-2024

Current President’s Address 2020-2024

Professor Robert Millar, Jan 2016-2020

Previous President’s Address 2016-2019

Professor Gareth Leng, Jan 2012-2016

Message to the Japan Neuroendocrine-Society

Professor Tony Plant, 2007-2012

Spring 2009 Report
Previous President’s Address

Professor John Russell 2002-2007

Retiring President’s Address
Winter 2005 Report
Summer 2004 Report

Previous ISN presidents:

Past Presidents (before INF funding):

1972-1976: J Meites (USA)

1976-1980: BA Cross (UK)

1980-1984: L Martini (Italy)

1984-1988: SM McCann (USA)

1988-1992: B. Flerko (Hungary)

1992-1996: B. McEwen (USA)

1996-1997: M Dallman (USA)

1997-2000: DT Theodosis (France)

Past Officers


Acting President: Dionysia Theodosis (France) (formerly President, International Society of Neuroendocrinology)

Acting Secretary: John A Russell (UK)

Acting Treasurer: Tony M Plant (USA)

POC Chair for ICN 2002: Susan Wray (USA)


President: John A Russell (UK)

Secretary: General Tony M Plant (USA)

Treasurer (Pro-tem): Tony M Plant (USA) 2003

Treasurer: Greti Aguilera (USA) 2004-2006

POC Chair for IC 2006:  Iain Clarke (Australia)

2007-2012 (extended to 2011 by Council in 2008)

President: Tony M Plant (USA)

Secretary General: William Rostene (France)

Treasurer: Mitsuhiro Kawata (Japan)

POC Chair for ICN 2010:  Gareth Leng (UK)


President: Gareth Leng (UK)

Secretary: Janete Anselmo Franci (Brasil)

Treasurer: Susan Wray (USA)

POC Chair for ICN2014:  Quentin Pittman (Canada)


President: Bob Millar (South Africa)

Secretary: Yoichi Ueta (Japan)

Treasurer: William Armstrong (USA)

POC Chair for ICN2018:  Valerie Simonneaux (France)